Anwar’s “if we win the election” promises: Once bitten, twice shy

Anwar’s “if we win the election” promises: Once bitten, twice shy

Press statement by MCA Spokesperson Mike Chong Yew Chuan

Anwar’s “if we win the election” promises: Once bitten, twice shy


As winds of the election approach, Opposition leader Dato’ Seri Anwar Ibrahim once again repeated Pakatan’s age-old promise of reducing the price of petrol if they win. In addition to that, Anwar’s new book titled “Script for a Better Malaysia” supposedly outlines their vision and policy directions, towards the ideal of transforming Malaysia to be better. The contents of the book also included talks about the abolition of tolls and abolishment of PTPTN education loan repayment.


The book’s existence is an ironic one, considering that the PH Manifesto promised the same things, albeit with a different title. PH promised to abolish tolls, yet they extended highway concessionaires from 2038 to 2058. Some even quipped PH turned “toll-free” to “toll-forever”. And PTPTN? There was no abolition of repayments whereby loan takers still have to repay every single sen that they borrowed.


The way Anwar is acting, it is clear that the PH Chairman is willing to do anything to become Prime Minister, including misleading the Rakyat again. During the event, Anwar even gave the excuse that promises were not fulfilled because he was not the one leading the PH government.


Didn’t Anwar and the component party leaders give their unanimous support and mandate to Tun Dr Mahathir? Hence, failure is collective, no matter who contributes the most or least to it. Moreover, the Cabinet was filled with ministers from PKR, DAP, and Amanah; Did Dr Mahathir veto all of their decisions?


I advise Anwar not to shirk responsibility and blame others for the failures partly caused by himself. It wasn’t Dr Mahathir who promised the moon and the stars, but the entire PH leadership. And ironically, PH themselves as a collective were the ones who not only failed to realise that promise, but also told the people: “Manifesto is not the Bible”.